Restaurants + Takeaways

We offer a special business model for restaurants and takeaways – we’ve developed a suite of web software and marketing initiatives that helps them embrace the internet and use it as a promotion tool they can use to enhance the service and products they give to their customers

  • Website – unique and individual – built according to existing menu and restaurant designs
  • Membership scheme – to allow customers to become members
  • AWESOME menu ordering system – unlike any other website – our menu system REALLY sells your food
  • CMS Website – they can update and manage and change their website with a few clicks
  • Orders received as text messages, email or directly to phone
  • Table booking service – where customers are enticed to pay a booking fee to make reservations
  • Newsletter campaigns run on your behalf giving members special offers
  • Customers interact with website – leaving and testimonials
  • Ecommerce – we’ll help you invent things to sell on the website
  • Search Engine Optimised website – get traffic from searches made by customers
  • Analytics – know EXACTLY how your website is performing and how many visitors you’re getting
  • Local and National PR – YES, you can get free press coverage in newspapers
  • Inside and outside promotion – printed banners advertising your restaurant and website
  • We’ll help you entice customers with valuable give-aways to customers – but which cost you next to nothing to make or buy
  • Cross promotion – with every order processed, the customer will be given special offers – enticing them to interact with the website a lot more!

WHY would you want a dedicated website for your business??

  • Having your own dedicated website is a million miles away from being listed on the free listings websites – where you have no opportunity to stand out and look no different to any other place selling food
  • Save time – how much time do you spend on the phone dealing with orders? Your customers can peruse at their own leisure and place orders
  • Make more money – the whole point of our initiative is to help you MAKE more money! We’ve given a lot of thought into planning and designing our offer to you – making more money and engaging with your customers is at the heart of the operation

All of the above will come for a very small fee – in return, we take a small percentage of orders placed

Extra Services:

  • Enhanced individual website – much more than the basic one offered
  • Professional videoing – we’ll come to your location and video your business + get customers to give testimonials
  • Professional photography – give the website a real genuine look and feel of your place – we’ll send in one of our photographers to give the website amazing pictures
  • Special Window projections advertising pictures and video – this is amazing! Showcase your entire menu and entice customers in from your shop window
  • Custom graphics design consultancy + menu leaflet design – we’ll help you create professional leaflets that your customers WON’T throw away

More details to follow + examples of past customers we’ve delivered fantastic websites for